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Much to excitement of their fans, K-Pop rising rookie group Ateez is dropping new music July 29.

KQ Entertainment’s act posted a teaser poster featuring a green background and members’ faces blurred out on their Twitter, confirming the comeback date and name of album, entitled ‘Zero: Fever Part.1’.

On July 2, Ateez first garnered fans’ attention with a mysterious teaser poster that read: “ Maybe / we’re living younger / that’s why / we’re fever”, likely hinting their upcoming return to the K-Pop stage. The post’s caption — possibly the lyrics — also read, ‘So I gotta let it go. Passion, Young, Fever’.

Additional details on their schedule, lead track and album concept hasn’t been officially announced as of this writing.

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‘Zero: Fever Part.1’ will mark the eight-member boy band’s first music release since January’s ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer’, the follow-up to their debut ‘Treasure’ album series.

The group recently greeted fans via live stream performances alongside other K-Pop acts at the first-ever digital iteration of the annual K-pop festival KCON, ‘KCONTACT 2020 Summer’, which attracted more than 4.8 million worldwide viewers.

Despite debuting in 2018, Ateez — consisting of members Hongjoong, Yeosang, Wooyoung, Seonghwa, Mingi, Yunho, San, and Jongho — are growing to become one of the most prominent rising acts in the competitive K-Pop scene.

The rookie group has been gradually paving their own way in the industry all thanks to their powerful distinct music and hypnotising dance moves.