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Hyelin, LE, Solji, Hani and Jeonghwa Image Credit: Supplied.

K-Pop girl group Exid are back with new single, I Love You, and a humorous music video as a full group. Their comeback marks the return of lead vocalist Solji, who has been on a two-year hiatus due to hyperthyroidism-related health issues.

The funky dance track was written by Exid’s member LE and music producer Shinsadong Tiger. It showcases LE’s fierce rap, Hani and Jeonghwa’s smooth singing, and Hyelin and Solji’s powerful vocals.

“I wanted to come back quicker to be honest,” said Solji according to Korea Herald. “It’s a little later than I expected, which we want to apologise to fans for. But I’m glad we managed to release a record as a five-piece group this year.”

She made her formal return when the group released a Japan version of hit song, Up & Down, in August.

Their new dance single topped the iTunes chart worldwide. It climbed to the top spot on the K-Pop chart in nine countries and Singles chart in six countries.

UAE fans took a liking to the new single, placing it at No 5 on the Top Songs chart the same day it released. I Love You also took over the top ranks in Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

The music video to the song is very Exid-like — it’s colourful, humorous and fun.

Managed under Banana Culture Entertainment, Hyelin, LE, Solji, Hani and Jeonghwa stepped into the K-Pop scene as Exid in 2012 but failed to find much success. It wasn’t until their 2014 breakout hit song Up & Down that they rose to popularity, all thanks to a fan-recorded live performance of the song that went viral on social media in South Korea. The song eventually climbed to the top of the music charts.