Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway
Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway Image Credit: AP

Hollywood star Anne Hathaway said that she is inspired by the Gen Z style, as she feels emboldened to take fashion risks.

The actress told 'Vogue' in an interview: “I know this sounds like I’m super-pandering, but I’m really switched on by Gen Z. It’s a fun generation when it comes to fashion,” reports etonline.com.

“I feel like designers are having a lot of fun. I feel like people are enjoying it. Maybe it was always the case, and maybe I was the only person in the corner watching everybody else have fun.”

“But just the ability to enjoy it feels like it’s more available to me now than it ever was before,” the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ actress added.

Describing her feelings towards Gen Z fashion sense, the 40-year old said: “I’m really switched on by Gen Z. Their relationship with fashion, the way it’s received, it’s a really, really fun dance.”

“The fashion sense they have, and their thing for colours is just dopamine dressing.”

In the past, Hathaway had “felt lost”, because she didn’t have the influence or realisation for the need to be able to experiment with various styles, making her go for just one palette.

“I thought that I could only have one. I felt really lost because I didn’t know what that was until I realised I have so many styles. Once I realised that, then I felt like something clicked. But that’s just me. It’s different. Some people are like, ‘Nope, black turtleneck every day.’”

The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ star revealed she is “big on loyalty and longevity” and that some of the people on her team who are in charge of executing her fun and flawless looks have worked with her for “decades”.