Namjoon (RM) with his pet 'Monie'.
Namjoon (RM) with his pet 'Monie'. Image Credit: @rkive/Instagram and @BTS_twt/X (Twitter)

This weekend, K-pop group BTS member RM (Namjoon) shared some heartbreaking news with his fans, revealing that his pet dog, Monie, had died three months ago.

He made the announcement during a recent live broadcast on Weverse, an online community of K-pop fans.

The South Korean singer talked about how his family was feeling profound sadness over Monie’s loss.

Along with a clip from the live video, BTS fan @KnjMyLife shared the translation on X (formerly Twitter): “Oh, Monie. I didn't get a chance to tell you (fans). About two or three months ago, Monie crossed the rainbow bridge < he passed away >. He didn't stay with me very long, but my family, who he used to live with, is having a hard time because he was a member of the family.”

RM added that to commemorate Monie, he had bought a painting resembling his dog and hung it in his room.

Meanwhile, Monie, aka Rapmon, was first introduced to Armys (BTS fans) in 2013, as RM's new family member.

According to an article on the South Korean entertainment news website, in 2016, the BTS leader participated in a show called ‘Try To Find Me’ and showed the hilarious “one-sided love” he had for Monie.

“From his request to look at the camera to his attempt to get a kiss from Rapmon, every effort was royally ignored by his pet puppy. Only when RM offered some snacks did he give an ounce of attention to his hyung (brother),” the article added.

Also referred to as Rapmonie, the pet was loved by the Armys. Monie’s birthday post in 2021 had 2.4 million likes.

After the broadcast, condolences and well wishes from Armys poured in on social media.

Some Armys even shared fan art in honour of Monie.

BTS fan account @ARMYing101_ posted: “Bangtan pets are like family to us. We’ve just been celebrating Yeontan’s debut... The news about Monie crossing the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace, Monie. You’ve been good.”

During the live broadcast, Namjoon also discussed Suga's D-Day concerts. He said that while some members are currently focusing on solo projects and military enlistment this year, the BTS members were looking forward to reuniting in 2025 to begin the second chapter of their journey as a band.

He said: "Suga hyung talked a lot about what he felt throughout the 28 shows (of the D-Day concert). [He mentioned that] many Armys were waiting for the reunion in 2025 and I felt that. Even though we're doing solo projects on our own, what I'm thinking is that even though I'm working on my solo project, this is just a vacation, to get back to where I was, which is BTS and ARMY. So all the solo projects are just journeys, but an important journey for chapter two... a journey to get back home safely eventually when we get back and reunite together in 2025."

Fans were relieved upon this confirmation.

He also talked about BTS's mini reunion, as Jin and J-Hope, who are currently enlisted in the ARMY, made a surprise appearance during Suga's concert.

He shared how they got together after a long time.

Fans took to the comments section to request Namjoon to do the 'Seven' dance challenge along with Jungkook.

In response, he surprised fans by saying that he planned to sign up for hip-hop dance lessons soon.