Mamie Laverock, a 19-year-old actor known for her role as Rosaleen Sullivan across several episodes of the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart,” is on life support after falling five stories from a balcony walkway. Image Credit: @Variety/X

Washington: Nineteen-year-old actor Mamie Laverock, renowned for her portrayal of Rosaleen Sullivan in the beloved Hallmark Channel series 'When Calls the Heart,' now finds herself in a dire situation.

Laverock is currently on life support following a devastating fall from a balcony walkway, as reported by a GoFundMe campaign initiated by her family, Variety reported.

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After enduring two weeks of intensive treatment for a medical emergency, Laverock faced yet another harrowing ordeal.

According to the fundraiser page arranged by her parents, Rob and Nicole Compton, Mamie was tragically involved in a fall from a balcony walkway, resulting in life-threatening injuries that necessitated multiple extensive surgeries and the initiation of life support.

The Comptons expressed profound shock and devastation at the turn of events, stating, "We are all devastated, in shock, at this intensely difficult time."

Mamie's mother, Nicole, rushed to her side in Winnipeg, Canada, upon learning of the medical emergency, ultimately playing a crucial role in saving her daughter's life before she was transferred to a hospital in Vancouver, as reported by Variety.

The Hallmark community, deeply moved by Mamie's plight, responded with an outpouring of support and prayers.

Hallmark Media conveyed their sadness through a statement to Variety, extending good wishes for Mamie's recovery and offering support to her family during this trying period.

Mamie Laverock's fall occurred on May 26, further complicating an already tumultuous journey. The specifics surrounding her initial medical emergency remain unclear.

Despite the challenges, solidarity and generosity have shone through. The GoFundMe campaign has garnered over $14,500 in donations, as per Variety.

Additionally, her co-stars from 'When Calls the Heart' have rallied around her, amplifying the fundraiser on social media and urging fans to contribute.