From Left : Paris Hilton,  Britney Spears and Cade Hudson
Image Credit: insta/ parishilton

Pop icon Britney Spears is back to serve another round of entertainment on Instagram. The singer has denied attending a party with Paris Hilton amid claims that the heiress had photoshopped Britney into group photos.

It was previously reported that the 'Toxic' hitmaker and pal Paris had partied together at Hollywood agent Cade Hudson's 35th birthday party, reports The Mirror.

However, Spears has taken to Instagram to deny the claims and said that the photos that Hilton had shared of her were "old photos". Sharing a video of her posing in a red crop top with the Coca-Cola label printed across it and a mini skirt in the same colour, Britney called the photos "creepy" and "weird".

She wrote in the caption: "Also have no idea about these pics of me from a birthday party I haven't been to a bday party in forever !!! And as for the pics, those have to be from years ago !!! Kind of creepy and weird that no one is talking about that a makes no sense whatsoever !!!"

Hilton had shared a selection of photos of her and Cade in a post where she wished him a happy birthday.

The Mirror further states that she was then accused by Britney's army of loyal fans of photoshopping her into the photos. Paris took to Instagram to hit back at the "ridiculous" accusations, explaining how she sometimes uses an app to reduce blurring on photos.

In a since deleted comment, she wrote: "To all of those asking. Some of these photos were taken on an iPhone so they ended up being blurry. So they used this app called Remini to make it look unblurry and sometimes the AI distorts images."