Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Image Credit: Shutterstock

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is giving fans skincare goals as she launches her own line of products and lets people in on her personal tips and tricks for that ‘JLo glow’.

JLo Beauty released on January 1 and features a cleanser, serum and sunscreen, among other products.

In an interview, the ‘Get Right’ singer opened up about what she does to achieve beautiful and healthy skin.

“The truth is, my secret to great skin is what I call the five S’s: sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements, and living a healthy, sane life, which in Spanish is called sana,” she told InStyle. “When I started delving more into skin care, I learnt that inflammation is what causes ageing. You need to attack the inflammation with a great topical and a hydrating routine.”

Lopez, who is always making headlines for being youthful and fit at 51, also reiterated the need for proper sunscreen use to battle premature skin ageing.

“Our sunscreen, which you should apply every single day, has SPF 30 in it and can be used as a moisturiser,” she said.

Lopez pointed out a wonder ingredient that has gone into her products.

“My mom and aunts swear by olive oil to deliver a glow. The hero ingredient in JLo Beauty is a modernised version of olive oil, called the Olive Complex. It’s a combination of ingredients derived from extra-virgin olive oil, fermented oil, leaf extract, and squalane,” she said. “It gives the skin this weightless, all-day hydration, antioxidant protection, and an ageless radiance.”

Apart from her new beauty venture, Lopez has dabbled in clothing and fragrances — Glow by JLo, released in 2002, was one of the top-selling perfumes in the US.