A still from the shoot
A still from the shoot Image Credit: Twitter/@TaineMcLean

Dubai is reportedly going to star in yet another action-packed film, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming project 'Pathan'.

On Friday, as visitors, citizens and residents on the Boulevard looked around, soaking up the sun and thinking of how to spend the day, they were pleasantly surprised by what looked like a stunt-filled film sequence.

Twitter user Dave, who goes by the handle @TaineMcLean, posted a video taken from his home of someone atop a truck fighting another person. A filming crew was following on a vehicle behind. He tweeted: "Much excitement. Some action movie is being shot in the street outside our apartment."

Twitter users responded to the clip, wondering if it was Tom Cruise, but industry sources and onlookers confirmed that the Bollywood actor will be in town for his upcoming movie, ‘Pathan’.

'Pathan' team has been in Dubai filming for over two days, and began the Downtown Dubai stint early in the morning.

The actor was recently also spotted in a photo with Emirati entrepreneur Anas Bukhash.

People around the Boulevard reported being stopped in their cars and that traffic was at a standstill.

Meanwhile, another actor who is also in the vicnity for his movie teaser reveal is South Indian star Kichcha Sudeepa.