Meals on Me is making waves across Dubai in response to the increasingly high demand for convenient and nutritious meals. Well-known for its excellent quality and convenient service, Meals on Me is expanding its reach to meet the great demand for its services and is now offering them throughout the entire UAE.

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The company also offers fresh delivery every day. Meals on Me has embarked on a journey of transparency and taste with macro-counted meal plans, guaranteeing that you not only enjoy every bite but also understand the nutritional content of your meal. It offers six cuisines; you can immerse yourself in a world where each bite is meticulously prepared.

Diverse range of meal plans

With an approach to macro-counted meal plans, you can track and monitor protein, carbs, and fats according to your needs.

Keto: The well-planned keto meals will satisfy keto enthusiasts. Enjoy good fats, low carbs, and moderate protein to achieve your health goals. The keto version is one of their top sellers due to its low carb content.

Wholesome: Wholesome meals are balanced with nutrients for energy. Known for their high protein and healthy carbs, they provide a satisfying meal with macros designed to keep you active 24/7.

International: Enjoy Mediterranean, Asian, and European cuisines. Each meal is a masterpiece, combining diverse tastes and nutritional goodness to delight your palate.

Vegan/vegetarian: Immerse yourself in the world of vibrant vegetarian and vegan meals with great flavours and nourishing goodness. Easily monitor your calorie intake and fully enjoy each delightful bite guilt-free.

Indian and Arabic: Savour the finest Indian and Arabic cuisines, relishing heritage-inspired local dishes. Indian spices and Arabic flavours will tantalize your taste buds, offering a fascinating food experience of the two cultures with each bite.

Flex Plan: Enjoy culinary diversity with the Flex meal plan, designed for those who crave variety. Each delectable meal features a fusion blend of flavours from six different cuisines.

With every meal carefully crafted, Meals on Me ensures that every macro choice is considered, catering to diverse nutritional goals. From selecting each macronutrient to suit individual needs to promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle, Meals on Me prioritizes personalized choices.

Its commitment to sourcing ingredients from local farmers supports the community and guarantees freshness and quality.

To learn more about Meals on Me’s meal plans, visit or call or WhatsApp them at +971 50 897 3952. Follow on Instagram - @hellomealsonme or Facebook - @hellomealsonme