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Sasha Calle on playing Supergirl in 'The Flash': I think she's a different superhero Image Credit: IANS

Though its box office expectations have been below projections, and criticised by fans for its visual effects, director Andy Muschietti’s ‘The Flash’ has received positive response for its cast and storyline.

One of the actors who was acclaimed by critics and fans alike is actress Sasha Calle for her portrayal of Kara Zor-El or Supergirl. She has now expressed her desire to return as Supergirl.

It’s seemingly confirmed that the talks have already taken place with James Gunn and Peter Safran, who will now be calling the shots in DC Studios regarding a possible return.

Speaking to USA Today, Calle said: “I hope to continue playing Supergirl. I love her so deeply and I feel so connected to her.”

Regarding Supergirl working with the other heroes and helping out humanity, she said “There’s a lot of silence and observation and trying to figure out who these Barrys are, what Zod is doing here, what humankind is. It’s a very beautiful runway to Supergirl because this is only a beginning aspect of her. There’s a lot to dive deep into and discover.”

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Supergirl was not her initial choice, as she said: “It couldn’t have been any other character. I really do believe that Supergirl was written in the stars for me. When I started to become her, it just made sense. It felt like my whole life was preparing me for this role in a way.”

With the release of ‘The Flash’, DC hit the reset button on the DC Extended Universe, paving the way for the new DC Universe. It has been further revealed that a new Supergirl movie is in the works, based on the comic book series, ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’.