Image Credit: insta/ uarmyhope

K-pop superband BTS member Suga, on Monday revealed the tracklist for his first solo album 'D-Day', with two songs respectively featuring late Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and his fellow BTS bandmate J-Hope as a collaborator.

The tracklist consists of 10 songs, two of which - 'Snooze' and 'Huh?!' - credit Sakamoto and J-Hope as featured artists, respectively, reports Yonhap. Also included were the pre-released song 'People Pt. 2 (Feat. IU)', lead single 'Haegeum', 'D-Day' and 'SDL'.

Ryuichi Sakamoto of Japanese electropop band
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japanese musician and film composer, died recently. Image Credit: Reuters

The upcoming album set to roll out April 21 also has 'Life Goes On', in which Suga reinterpreted the band's hit song of the same name with his own sensibility.

As indicated by the title, the main track 'Haegeum' is a song that uses the sound of a haegeum, a traditional Korean string instrument. Suga previously used the haegeum sound in 'Daechwita', the lead song of his second mixtape 'D-2' released in 2020.

The rapper wrote and composed all the songs for the forthcoming album and led the overall production work as a producer, according to the agency.