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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Shutterstock Image Credit: Shutterstock

Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde is still keeping a memento of her broken relationship with British singer Harry Styles as she was spotted wearing one of his old shirts, seven months after their breakup.

She donned what appeared to be the former 'One Direction' star's old T-shirt when she stepped out for a workout session in Los Angeles. The 39-year-old was pictured sporting the white Space Fruity T-shirt, paired with high-rise purple leggings and black sneakers when leaving the gym, reports

Olivia's interesting choice of outfit did not go unnoticed by fans, who were quick to point out that Styles was previously seen wearing the same shirt. The 'Watermelon Sugar' singer wore the Beijing-based record label design to Ariana Grande's concert in London back in August 2019.

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Although it's hard to confirm if it's indeed Harry's old t-shirt or Olivia purchased her own version of the clothing item, some social media users couldn't stop speculating over it.

Wilde and Styles broke up in November 2022 after dating for over a year. "Olivia is still very much upset about the breakup," a source told 'Us Weekly' one month after the separation, noting that the 'House M.D.' alum was "trying to move on".

In March this year, another source claimed that Olivia "is ready to date again," but "she isn't looking for anything less than an amazing guy". In the same month, Styles was spotted with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo.