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Miley Cyrus. Image Credit: REUTERS

Singer-actor Miley Cyrus has contracted COVID-19 following her world tour, which saw her travel to the likes of Brazil and Colombia. But the star has no regrets.

Cyrus shared her diagnosis on her Twitter handle, writing, “Traveling around the world, playin for a 100,000 people a night & meeting hundreds of fans a day the chances of getting Covid are pretty high. I have Covid now but it was definitely worth it.”

In a follow-up tweet, Cyrus added that she will no longer be able to perform at the sold-out fourth annual Janie’s Fund event, “which sucks because it’s a charity that’s super important to me & my friend Steven Tyler.”

“I am feeling fine so don’t worry about me! Sorry Steven!” she concluded. “We’ll have to ‘Walk This Way’ another time!”

It’s been an emotional week for Cyrus, who is mourning the unexpected death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The drummer was found dead in his hotel room on March 25 in Bogota, Colombia, ahead of the band’s scheduled performance alongside Cyrus at Lollapalooza Brazil.

Onstage at Lolla, Cyrus tearfully remembered her late friend.

“We had to make this emergency landing, and the first person I called was Taylor because he was already at the festival,” she recalled.

She added, “That would’ve been the time that I would’ve gotten to see my friend, and I didn’t, so it makes me really sad. I would’ve done anything to hang out with him one more time.”

She went on to dedicate ‘Angels Like You,’ a rock ballad from her ‘Plastic Hearts’ album, to Hawkins, as a photo of the drummer was displayed behind her.

Apart from touring, Cyrus released her first-ever live album ‘Attention: Miley Live’ on Friday. The album includes new songs ‘Attention’ and ‘You’, as well as previous hit songs like ‘We Can’t Stop’ and ‘Where Is My Mind’, plus ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Nothing Compares’.

Cyrus also covers a number of songs made popular by other artists, including ‘Heart of Glass’ by Blondie, ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton and ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna.