Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Image Credit: REUTERS

Lady Gaga has become the latest victim of dognappers, who targeted her French Bulldogs on Wednesday night near her Los Angeles home. The singer-songwriter has offered $500,000 for the return of the two dogs that were stolen after their walker was shot.

As per TMZ, just before 10pm the dog walker was approached by a gunman – possibly two – and after a brief exchange was shot. The shooter made off two dogs - Koji and Gustav – while the third was found wandering some time later.

Lady Gaga with her dogs
Lady Gaga with her dogs Image Credit: Instagram/@ladygaga

Lady Gaga, who is in Rome on a film shoot, is justifiably upset and has offered, reports TMZ, $500,000 for her dogs’ return.

Media is also speculating whether it is actually because they are Lady Gaga’s dogs that they’ve been targeted or because they belong to the coveted breed of French Bulldogs.

The dog walker is stable and recovering in hospital.