Musician Konny Kon and Kelis and Bill Murray
Konny Kon, Kelis and Bill Murray Image Credit: twitter @musiccharliej

Bill Murray and Kelis are Hollywood's latest couple, according to a new report.

According to TMZ, the veteran actor and 'Milkshake' singer have recently started dating and have been hanging out a lot together, both in the US and across the pond.

While it may appear to be an unlikely pairing at first glance, 72-year-old Bill recently attended two of Kelis' 43-year-old shows in London, posing for a backstage photo together after at least one of the performances.

Not only that they were spotted at the same London hotel and had been getting closer since meeting in the United States.

They share a bond, albeit one that isn't exactly cheerful. They reportedly bonded over Kelis' second husband's death in March 2022 and Bill's estranged wife's death in 2021, as per TMZ. It doesn't sound like Bill and Kelis are labelling their situation.

The outlet cited a friend as saying, "Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it appears, they are both single and having fun despite the fairly large age gap."