Johnny Depp poses for portrait photographs for the film 'Jeanne du Barry', at the 76th international film festival, Cannes, southern France.
Johnny Depp poses for portrait photographs for the film 'Jeanne du Barry' at Cannes. Image Credit: AP

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has recently stepped out at Cannes Film Festival, with his "rotting teeth" at the centre of discussion among fans.

The star has been working on his first feature film in three years, 'Jeanne Du Barry' which sees the 59-year-old play King Louis XV, reports ''.

With fans completely taken aback by Johnny's teeth, fans have claimed that they were "rotting". After seeing the images of him at Cannes online, one fan compared him to his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' character when they penned: "He turning into 'Captain Jack Sparrow' for real."

While another said: "Johnny Depp's teeth are literally ROTTING."

As per '', now it has emerged that almost three decades before being trolled for his teeth, Johnny spoke of how proud he was of them. Back in 1995 he gushed: "I've got loads of cavities. I had a root canal done eight years ago that's unfinished. It's like a rotten little stub."

In the chat with Premiere Magazine, he went on to say that he's "proud" of his gnashers, with him claiming to "like" his smile. He went on: "It's like when the Indians would make something beaded, they would always put imperfections on it. I'm proud of these."

The then-31-year-old Hollywood hunk then spoke of how people with "perfect teeth" would drive him up the wall, with him adding: "I'd rather swallow a tick than have that!"

This comes a day after the now-59-year-old actor addressed claims that he has been "boycotted" in Hollywood.

He previously claimed that there was a "boycott" of him in Hollywood in a 2021 interview, which followed on from the Amber Heard libel court case, but now Johnny claims to no longer feel "boycotted".

Asked about feeling "boycotted" by Hollywood, the Pirates of the Caribbean star spoke of how he felt "boycotted" previously, but now does not.

He added: "Do I feel a boycott now? No, not at all. I don't feel boycotted by Hollywood because I don't think about Hollywood. Johnny then said that he doesn't have "much further need" for Hollywood, with the actor touching upon how he finds it to be a "strange" time where everybody "wants to be themselves, but they can't, they must fall in line, conform".