Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick Image Credit: AP

‘The Wire’ star Lance Reddick died from heart and artery disease, the actor’s death certificate has revealed.

It’s said the actor, who was found dead at his home on March 17, died due to ischemic heart disease as well as atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, reports ‘’.

TMZ reports the death certificate also says the star was to be cremated. At the time of his death, law enforcement sources told the publication his death seemed to have been from natural causes. His wife had phoned emergency services after she found him collapsed in their Study City garden.

As per ‘’, his death at the age of 60 came just days after he had pulled out of the movie premiere for ‘John Wick 4’.

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He had been taking part in a press tour for the fourth instalment of popular movie franchise prior to his death. Reddick stars as Charon in the movie and was scheduled to talk about the latest movie on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show.

Prior to his performance on Wick, Reddick was best known for portraying Baltimore Police Department officer Cedrick Daniels on hit series ‘The Wire’. His character appeared in all five seasons of the popular HBO series. His resume also included appearances on shows such as ‘Fringe’, ‘Bosch’, ‘Oz’ and ‘Lost’. On the big screen, he acted in the likes of ‘Angel Has Fallen’ and ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’.

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves at a memorial for Lance Reddick, who died last week.
Actor Keanu Reeves at a memorial for Lance Reddick in March 2023. Image Credit: AP

Late last month, 'John Wick' stars Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne were among the actors to honour Reddick at the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

“We lost our brother, and in a really sort of very shocking way. I think we’re all still in shock. “Life is,” the visibly-shaken Fishburne then said, pausing briefly before continuing, “hard sometimes.”

“Just to be in his light and to get a chance to work with him, I’ll cherish for the rest of my life,” Reeves said. “He had such a passion for his work and his craft. He was gracious. He had a dignity to him and a presence.”