David Arquette
Image Credit: insta/davidarquette

'Scream' star David Arquette has admitted he felt "inferior" during his marriage to 'Friends' star Courteney Cox.

The actor, 51, said that her mammoth earnings during the height of her 'Friends' fame was a struggle for him; she earned up to $1 million per episode for her portrayal of Monica Geller in the iconic sitcom, reports 'Mirror.co.uk'.

Arquette, who was by no means failing in his career during their marriage, said her success was "difficult" to swallow as he desperately wanted to be the one to "pick up the check". 'Mirror.co.uk' further states that he thinks this stems from his "traditional male" values to "be the breadwinner."

The actor told 'Andy Cohen Live', "In the acting world in general, you're always going on this rollercoaster of popularity and, you know, not able to get a job... so, it's like this weird thing."

He further mentioned, "And then, when you're, you know, comparing yourself to someone who's at the, you know, top of the television, iconic world, it's kinda hard to put yourself there, so there was definitely, like, learning and dealing with that and a lot of pain and, you know, arguments or, you know, ego, early on."