Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes Image Credit: Shutterstock

Actress Amanda Bynes remains hospitalised nearly three weeks after she was first admitted to a mental hospital due to psychotic breakdown. According to a new report, her release date is still undetermined.

Sources close to the actress told TMZ that the 37-year-old is not forced to stay at the facility, but she doesn't quite feel ready to leave yet, reports Both the actress and the medical staff are said to have been taking her stay week by week.

Those around her are reportedly already formulating a plan to make sure she stays on the right path, so she will enroll in an outpatient mental health treatment programme once she's released from the hospital. It's additionally noted that the 'What I Like About You' alum is no longer under a conservatorship, so she can make her own medical decisions.

The site also denies reports which said that Amanda's parents have been by her side through the hospital stay, but they still support her in any way they can. It was previously reported that the actress refused to talk to anyone close to her, including family and friends, two weeks into her hospitalisation.

Bynes was placed on a 5150 hold on March 19 after she was found roaming the streets naked and alone in Los Angeles. It is believed that she spent several days living on the streets before her hospitalisation.

The 'Easy A' star reportedly "did not want" to return home because she had been "kicked out" by her on-and-off boyfriend Paul Michael and had wanted to be dropped off at a friend's house, but the friend did not answer the door. She then approached a car and told the driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode.

Despite her latest psychotic break, Amanda's family has no plans to put her back in conservatorship.