Hollywood star Nicole Kidman
Hollywood star Nicole Kidman Image Credit: AP

Actress Nicole Kidman ate alone in her hotel room the night she won an Oscar in 2002 as she recalled “struggling” with her personal life despite the professional high.

The 56-year-old actress won an Academy Award for her role in drama film ‘The Hours’ in 2002 but had not long split from Tom Cruise — with whom she has Isabelle, 30, as well as 28-year-old Connor — and recalled “struggling” with her personal life despite the professional high as she opted to just go back to her hotel after her victory at the ceremony.

In an excerpt from Dave Karger’s upcoming book ‘50 Oscar Nights’, she said: “I was struggling with things in my personal life, yet my professional life was going so well. That’s what happens, right? I’m not a big party girl, so I was going to skip the Vanity Fair party, and everyone was like, ‘You’ve got to go. You’ve got to walk through the party carrying your Academy Award.’

“I said, ‘That just feels like gloating, and it doesn’t feel humble.’ Like, what? You can’t walk through carrying the award! That feels really inappropriate. They’re like, ‘That’s what you do.’

“I went home and ended up ordering takeout and eating it on the floor of the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

The actress recalled going to bed alone and was tucked up before midnight but joked that if she were to win such a prestigious award again, she would make sure to celebrate, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “I went to bed alone; I was in bed before midnight. If I ever won again, I’m telling you, I’d be out for 24 hours!”