Colman Domingo
Colman Domingo Image Credit: Reuters

Hollywood actor Colman Domingo, who was nominated for Actor in Drama Motion Picture for his role in Rustin, wore custom black look by Louis Vuitton's new men's creative director, Pharrell Williams. He accessorised the look with pins of pearl and red jewels, and a single pearl earring.

“(Jawaharlal) Nehru was actually, you know, the first prime minister of India, and he was a colleague of Bayard Rustin, who I am representing tonight as a leading actor in a film. So it all tells the story. So for me, I was like, oh, Nehru. He represented peace and strength and love,” Domingo told The Associated Press.

As for his earring, he smiled: "Pearl. Why not? Because why not?” The buttons of his jacket were also pearl.

The men at teh awards ceremony were mostly in solids. Not Chris Perfetti. He went shirtless in bold pinstripes and a huge black rose on one lapel. Tyler James Williams (in Dolce & Gabbana) went the same route, though his flower was cream. Jeffrey Wright opted for a traditional black tux. Lenny Kravitz rocked a black, wide-legged Alexander McQueen jumpsuit with side cutouts.

“Barry Keoghan and Jonathan Bailey have some of the most interesting suits of the evening,” said Trishna Rikhy, associate style commerce editor for Esquire. “Keoghan’s, with contrasting prints in the same shade of red on his blazer and pants, and Bailey’s, with a clean, all-white look tailored to a tee. These bright monochromatic looks are also refreshing after Hollywood’s long history of monochrome, meaning all black.”