Lily Allen
Lily Allen Image Credit: Instagram/LilyAllen

Actress Lily Allen claims her attitude towards food is “sort of quite anti-capitalist” and often forgets to eat as she doesn’t really get hungry.

Lily Allen has shared how she sometimes forgets to eat when looking after her two young children, reports

The singer-turned-actress, 37, admits she “loves food” but her “stomach (often) goes quite long distances without eating” at times and she isn’t “very good at remembering to do things” like eating at regular intervals.

Lily, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), details her favourite meals during a candid chat with comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, alongside revealing her “anti-capitalist way of thinking of eating”.

She explains how she struggles to order from fast food chains due to the fact the food is mass produced and opts not to eat during plane journeys because “it’s also just come from a warehouse.”

“I’m actually really bad... I don’t really get hungry,” she told the Off Menu podcast when chatting about her dream three-course meal. “It’s when I see food I’m like ‘oh yeah I should eat’.”

She added: “I think basically my stomach goes quite long distances without eating then it has a little bit and it goes ‘yes’.

“I love food. I love eating, but I’m just not very good at remembering to do things. I get up in the morning and I’m looking after kids and I just forget.”

People with ADHD are specifically predisposed to irregular and/or impulsive eating patterns, with some with the condition forgetting schedules and mealtimes when in a hyper focused state.

Lily, who is four-years sober, went on to tell Ed and James how she struggles to eat any meals not prepared specifically for her and routinely shuns aeroplane food.

“I have a bit of a weird stipulation when it comes to fast food,” she told the podcast hosts. “I can’t really eat food if it hasn’t been ordered and made for me... I can’t really deal with the idea that you order something and it’s just been taken from a pile of food that has already been made.

“It has to be some kind of intention behind it for me. I can’t eat plane food because it’s also just come from a warehouse.”

The Dreamland actress - who had her wedding breakfast at In-N-Out Burger when marrying David Harbour in 2020 - went on to explain how there are expectations to her rule, with things like crisps okay as they’re sealed in a vacuum packet.

“This doesn’t make me sound like a very good person does it,” Lily said.

“I suppose actually it’s a sort of quite anti-capitalist way of thinking of eating. I’m not really up for food mass production and consumption of food.”

Since quitting alcohol and becoming sober in 2019, Lily has embraced a new lifestyle and now enjoys regular workout sessions.

In 2021, the mum-of-two hit back at body-shamers after fans expressed concern over her weight on Instagram.

Replying to one critic who offered unsolicited advice, Lily fumed: “You’ve never seen me two years completely sober, not smoking and exercising every day.”

She went on to tell another fan: “Seriously, where do you get off? You know NOTHING about me or my lifestyle. How dare you.”