Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
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Hollywood star Hugh Jackman will reprise his Wolverine character in the upcoming third instalment of ‘Deadpool’, also featuring Ryan Reynolds.

In a new interview on ‘Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace’, the actor talks about how long it will take to get back in shape to portray the superhero.

“I’ve learned you can’t rush it. I’ve learned that it takes time,” he said (via People).

“So, we have six months from when I finish (Broadway’s The Music Man) to when I started filming. And I’m not doing any other work. I’m going to be with my family and train. That’s going to be my job for six months.”

Jackman continued: “And I’m really fit right now. There’s one thing that about eight shows a week being on Broadway singing and dancing, is I’m fit. So, I’m healthy. I have a good place to start. And apologies, chickens. Run a mile. Start running now because I’m coming for you.”

The X-Men star also recently teased that his character would not be seeing eye to eye with Reynolds’ Deadpool when they link up in the upcoming movie. In an interview with The Empire Film Podcast, he was asked to categorise the relationship between the two superheroes and he said: “How do I categorise it?”

“Ten being really close, zero being the reality, we’re zero, we’re opposites, hate each other. I’m just talking from my perspective, (Logan’s) frustrated by him, wants to be a million miles away from him or wants to punch him in the head.”

“Unfortunately, he can’t be a million miles away from him in this movie, so I’m probably going to punch him in the head a lot.”

‘Deadpool 3’ is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2024.