Courteney Cox Image Credit: Reuters

Courteney Cox has admitted that cosmetic surgery left her looking virtually unrecognisable. The actress also reveals that she’s let her facial fillers dissolve and now feels “better because I look myself”.

“I think that I now look more like the person that I was, I hope I do. Things are going to change, everything’s going to drop and I was trying to make it not drop, but that [cosmetic surgery] made me look fake,” Cox said in a statement.

“I have done things that I regret, and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away. So, that’s good, because it’s not always been my best look. So, now I just have a new motto: ‘Just let it be’,” Cox added.

The 53-year-old regrets having done too much cosmetic surgery in the past, and accepted that she was previously obsessed with maintaining her youthful looks.

However, she has now decided to ditch the fillers.