Khloe Kardashian Image Credit: AFP

Rapper Cardi B has come out in support of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, who is being trolled by social media users after getting allegedly cheated on by her beau Triston Tompson.

There are speculations that Khloe’s NBA basketball player boyfriend cheated on Khloe with her sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods, reports People.

Following the buzz, people on social media began trolling Kardashian. So, Cardi on Thursday took to Instagram and urged people to stop.

“Obviously this whole Khloe Kardashian thing... everybody is just like celebrating that that happened to her and it’s like why?” the Grammy-winning rapper Cardi said.

Cardi, whose husband Offset was slammed over a plethora of cheating allegations in the past, shared how difficult it becomes for a woman to deal with such emotional trauma.

We know how it is when a [expletive] up. We know that our heart is literally bleeding, and you just want to die and you can’t sleep... You can’t escape it when you’re sleeping because you actually dream about it,” said Cardi.

“It’s mainly the women in the comments. Why do you guys manifest and be happy off of that? She already learnt her lesson. Something real [expletive] up happened before she gave birth, so why do you... enjoy other people’s pain and misery, knowing how much it hurts when a guy that you’re in love with, especially the father of your child, does something wrong. It’s just sad.”