BILLY MURRAY Image Credit: twitter/ @BillyAMurray

English actor Billy Murray has claimed some people in an Audi attempted to "kidnap" his grandchildren while they were out with their mum and his son-in-law.

Billy, 81, has taken to social media and claimed the terrifying incident happened close to his home in Essex while his daughter and her partner were enjoying a day out, reports

The star, who also appeared in BBC's 'EastEnders', said that his daughter and his grandchildren were walking when they became separated before a group of men approached them.

In a video which has since gone viral on social media, Billy has shared the terrifying ordeal and claimed a group of men got out of an Audi A6.  He said: "My daughter and my two grandchildren, and her partner were out yesterday in a little tiny village just round the corner from our little farm. And they were just walking along and picking some wildflowers or whatever and she got kind of separated because a telephone call came for her partner and she just took it and he just stood there for a minute talking. A black Audi pulled up in front of her blocking the way she was walking."

The 'Johnny Allen' actor further mentioned, quoted by, "The driver got out and she could see through the screen that there was a passenger and three other guys sat in the back. And he walked up to her and he was very familiar with her or whatever, chatting to her, he was European. It was a black four-door Audi A6."

"They kept looking at the children and she had this terrible fear, all of a sudden, came over her and she panicked and she called out to Mick. He looked over and saw exactly what was happening because the guys in the back and the passenger were getting out of the car to approach the children. They were going to kidnap my grandchildren, that's what they assumed anyway. And as soon as Mick, her partner, saw it he yelled and screamed at them to run and he ran over," he added.