Dennis Quaid. Image Credit: REX Shutterstock

Actor Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie have exchanged wedding vows in an intimate beachside wedding ceremony at a resort in Santa Barbara.

The couple, who got engaged last October, got married on June 2, reports People.

“It was beautiful,” Quaid said.

They had originally planned a wedding in April in Hawaii and a second reception for family and friends in Nashville, but had to postpone the celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quaid, 66, and Savoie, 27, finally decided to exchange vows with only their pastor as a witness.

“Just looking into her eyes, she was the most stunning bride,” says Quaid.

Wearing an elegant gown and carrying a bouquet of roses and calla lilies, Savoie, a doctoral student, was moved by their officiant’s message “of what it really means to bring your lives together”.

“To put another person before yourself,” she said.

Quaid and Savoie met at a business event before they began dating in May 2019.

“It was love at first sight,” said the actor, who has been previously married three times.

“I just love who she is as a person. Her character, her intelligence, of course her beauty. And her point of view of the world,” he added.

Savoie asserted that she has “never met someone who is so in love with life. It’s like nothing can bring him down”.

“Just getting to do life with someone who lives that way is inspiring for me. It changes my perspective and it brings so much joy to every day,” she added.