Kim Se-jeong releases first full-length solo album.
Kim Se-jeong releases first full-length solo album. Image Credit: Kim Se-jeong/Instagram

Some know her as Shin Ha-ri from the cult classic Netflix K-drama Business Proposal, while others remember her as Do Ha-na in the action series The Uncanny Counter.

The latest season of The Uncanny Counter might be over for the fans, but South Korean actress and singer Se-jeong has already made a musical comeback for her fans. Her first full-length album, Door, is finally out for streaming.

The 11-track album, which was released on September 4, marks her first solo music release in almost two and a half years, since her second EP (Extended Play) ‘I’m’, released back in March 2021.

For her album, the 27-year-old entertainer has donned the hat of a singer-songwriter and composer.

According to an article on the South Korean news website The Korea JoongAng Daily, all 11 tracks included in the new album, including its two lead tracks ‘Voyage’ and ‘Top or Cliff’, were written by Se-jeong, while eight of the tracks are also composed by her.

Earlier this week, during a showcase event held at the Ilchi Art Hall located in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, the singer-actress said: “The lead track ‘Top or Cliff’ is about someone who tried to reach the top, but ended up pushing themselves to the edge of a cliff in the process; it involves a bit of my own story.

“I’ve sung a lot of bright and sentimental songs as a solo artist, but this [album] is very daring, strong, and filled with stories that I wanted to convey myself.

“… this time, as my first full-length solo album, an album that I’m releasing seven years after my debut, I’ve tried to be more daring, tried to be more confident. I specifically chose which songs to include and where to place them in the album.”

For her fans, Kim Se-jeong’s journey to fame is inspiring.

After competing in a popular idol show, she debuted in 2016 as a member of project girl group IOI (now disbanded).

Her 2016 solo track ‘Flower Way’, produced by singer-songwriter and producer Zico, became a nationwide hit. She also became a member of the girl group Gugudan.

Se-jeong spent the past few years more active as an actor.

In 2017, she made her acting debut with the K-drama ‘School 2017’. This led to her getting the role of Do Ha-na in The Uncanny Counter, which broke many viewership records. The show recently wrapped up its second season. However, Se-jeong’s biggest career move was her breakout role in the webtoon-based Korean drama Business Proposal.

The K-drama broke some of the biggest records globally and became one of the most-watched non-English Netflix series ever.

Her role won her the prestigious 2022 Asian Artist Award for Best Actor.

In a recent interview with the women's fashion magazine Elle, the singer opened up about her musical comeback.

“This is a comeback that I have been waiting for a very long time. I have always wanted to go back on the stage and perform because I have had this dream of becoming a singer… releasing this album feels like, Oh, I’m finally doing it,” said Se-jeong.

When asked what comes more naturally to her – acting or singing, she said: “… these days, I’m growing into an artist who can blend my acting career and my singing career well…. I really want to be that person who can really excel and blend those two things well whenever I can.”

She also revealed that her dream collaborations would be with K-pop idol IU, AKMU (Akdong Musician, a South Korean duo consisting of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyu), and artist Imogen.

Talking about her love for India, she added: “I’m a big fan of Indian food. I would love to visit India because I have always been interested in Indian culture and the scenery around the country, ever since I was young.”