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I have been reading books from a very young age. It was not until this year that I realised I loved them. Recently, I read a book called ‘Like The Flowing River’ by Paulo Coelho. In this book Coelho offers his reflections on a wide range of topics such as archery, travelling and music. It contains short stories from the author’s life and about the people he met in his life, be it family, friends or strangers. It talks about the incidents and problems he faced and the lessons he learnt from them. These incidents weren’t special, except the value that they manifest.

I was told that this book is about philosophy and I was a person who didn’t like philosophy at all at that time. But, when I read the book, it became my favourite. I just enjoy the way he writes. It feels like you are inside his brain when he is doing his mundane tasks or just walking on the street. It’s like you are in every part of his thoughts.

There are a lot of insights of human life I can learn from this book. I just loved the way he wrote the stories with enchanting and meaningful messages. It was amusing how he looked at the universe and the way he comes up with various realisations from the simplest things that happen in his life. This book showed me the bright side of life and no one ever seems to look at it. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who has not read it.

— The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.