Amber Heard
Amber Head Image Credit: insta/ amberheard

Actress Amber Heard was sidelined in the new 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, the sequel to the 2018 superhero hit starring Jason Momoa.

TMZ reports that according to Business Insider, Heard only appears on camera for about 20 minutes or so and while she does talk in the film, it is just a measly 11 lines. 

According to the portal, Heard shows up for a few action sequences toward the beginning and the end, but she's largely removed from the main story. Even though her and Momoa's on-screen baby serves as a central plot point.

Instead of Amber taking center stage, Momoa and Patrick Wilson end up teaming up and leading most of the film. Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Nicole Kidman are also in the mix.

Not surprising that Heard was downplayed that was being telegraphed dating back to 2022, when she was on trial after Johnny Depp sued her.

Walter Hamada, former Warner Bros. head got grilled in a deposition, and explained that the studio decided to sideline her based on a lack of perceived chemistry between her and Momoa, and wanting a different story.