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Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman says Rajesh Khanna, often referred to as Bollywood’s first superstar, was one of the most miserly actors in the Hindi film industry.

“Rajesh Khanna was one of the most miser actors in Bollywood. Every time someone would talk about money, he would just turn around and vanish. He was also a latecomer on the sets. He used to always come hours late for the shoot. For the morning shift, he used to arrive past noon,” she said.

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The veteran actress spilled the beans during the Sony TV show ‘Superstar Singer’, when she was asked “who was the most ‘kanjoos’ [miserly] person on set?”

During the show, there were a lot of segments where host Jay Bhanushali asked her questions.

One such segment was to name the actor on the basis of his trait, and Rehman expertly gave out names one after the other. She said “Shashi Kapoor ji was a very handsome and generous gentleman whereas Shammi Kapoor ji was a total ‘mastikhor’ on the set”.