Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez Image Credit: Supplied

Jacqueline Fernandez says she is a sensitive person, and negative comments on social media do affect her.

Fernandez expressed her views when she appeared with Kartik Aaryan on a talk show.

Host Neha Dhupia questioned the two actors whether negative comments online affected them.

“We have really supportive, good fans and I love my people on Instagram. But it could be one comment, one person saying something and I’ll be like, ‘Why do you say that?’,” responded Fernandez.

“I am a sensitive person. And I actually want to get to that point where I’d be like, you know what, ‘who are you to say that’, you know? But yes, it does, it does [affect me],” she added. “I feel bad, because I can’t imagine someone being so rude... so it does affect me that I could have such a negative, hateful impact on someone.”

Fernandez is quite active on social media with over 28 million followers on Instagram, and over 13 million followers on Twitter.

The actress further said: “In most recent times, when I made a video where I would be changing costumes and my leg or my foot would appear on screen and my costumes and shoes would change.

“And then there would be some people like, ‘Oh my God, how dare you put your shoe in our face’. So, you never really know who is going to be offended or upset and I never set out with the intention to upset and hurt anyone, right?”

The actress said she “puts a little bit more thought” before posting anything on social media. “Now you are a public figure, you’re a celebrity so you have to be a little bit more sensitive to everyone.”