Rinky Chakma died after battling cancer for two years. She was 28. Image Credit: rinkychakma_official/Instagram

Former Miss India Tripura 2017 Rinky Chakma has died at 28 after her prolonged battle with cancer. She was hospitalised last month and was placed on ventilator support because her lungs gave away.

According to reports, she has been fighting cancer for the last two years. Chakma was first diagnosed with a malignant Phyllodes Tumor (breast cancer), for which she underwent surgery. But the cancer spread to her lungs and progressed to her head, resulting in a brain tumour, said a report in Hindustan Times.

Femina Miss India put out a statement soon after her death describing Chakma as "force to be reckoned with, embodying grace and purpose."

Cancer had taken a toll on Chakma and family both financially and physically. Last month on January 27, she took to Instagram to appeal for financial aid for her treatment. She said their savings had dried up following her multiple rounds of intensive chemotherapy sessions. 

"I just wanted to let everyone know that me and my family is going through a rough time and the last two years have also not been easy with regular hospital stays and visits. I am accepting donations as of now because we have exhausted all our savings on my treatment since the last two years. I thought letting everyone know what I am going through will also make me feel better."

She also urged her fans to pray for her health and recovery. 

Chakma won the Miss India Tripura crown in 2017. As a Miss India finalist, Rinky won two sub-titles, Miss Congeniality and Beauty With a Purpose.