Deepika Padukone. Image Credit: PTI

Have you always dreamt of raiding Deepika Padukone’s closet? Your wish has just come true as this Bollywood A-lister has launched an online charity drive to auction off her clothes from her wardrobe.

The proceeds will go to her ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’ that bolsters the cause of mental health.

A quick glance at the website reveals Padukone’s training pants (Rs2,800/Dh136.4) and a beaded Gucci gown fit for a red carpet call (Rs29,000). You can also be the proud owner of a pair of black Alexander McQueen heels (Rs25,000) or Tom Ford sunglasses (Rs11,900).

The clothes on sale on deepikapadukone.com/closet are a mix of casual and Indian outfits worn by the actress over the years. Her choice of clothes on the auction block also reveals her personality. It’s evident that she’s a gym rat as there’s plenty of sports gear for sale.

“Every contribution will support The Live Love Laugh Foundation’ that is focussed on giving hope to those experiencing stress, anxiety and depression,” posted Padukone.