Sonu Sood
Image Credit: Supplied

Actor Sonu Sood, who is known for films like ‘Dabangg’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Aagadu’ and others, recently received a deep fake video of him from one of his followers on social media.

The actor took to his X on Thursday and uploaded the deep fake video to clear the air that the person featured in the video is not him.

In the deep fake video call featuring ‘Sood’, the impersonator interacted with a family in need of funds for medical treatment, assuring them of financial assistance.

He wrote in the caption: “My film FATEH is inspired by real life incidents involving Deep Fake and fake loan apps. This is the latest incident where someone tried to extract money from an unsuspecting family, by chatting with them through video call pretending to be Sonu Sood. Many innocent individuals fall into this trap. I request all of you to be vigilant if you receive such calls. #fateh.”

Interestingly, inspired from such events, the actor turned writer and director for his new thriller, ‘Fateh’. He wrote the story after over a year of research and interviews with victims, cybercrime police officers, and ethical hackers. In the film, he essays the role of an investigation agent who is on a mission to protect the country from cybercrimes.