Arshi Khan
Image Credit: Insta/ arshikofficial

Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Arshi Khan narrowly escaped with her life in a massive vehicle accident in Delhi and was later hospitalised. ETimes reported that the actress was near Malviya Nagar, Shivalik road when the mishap occurred. Khan, who was in Delhi for a shoot, spent the day in the hospital. The actress told media later that she was doing well after being released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Arshi reportedly said, “I was going out in the car and when I saw that some fans spotted me and were coming forward. I asked my driver to slow down so I could wave or just pass a smile to them and that was when another vehicle hit our car from behind. The front glass was completely shattered and I hurt my head. I tried coming out of the car and I remember some people rushing towards the car to help me, tabhi mai behosh ho gayi. I was brought to the hospital when I was unconscious. I thank god that no one else was hurt in the accident, the car was smashed and I suffered some injury. I am very thankful to god that I did not suffer any internal injuries. Doctors examined thoroughly and all test results were normal.”

On her personal front, Arshi is learning to wrestle in her spare time. She's been working hard to ace it.

Speaking about it she had told ETimes, "I am feeling very proud about myself. I am learning the sport with utmost dedication. I wish to compete at an international level and highlight that there shouldn't be any discrimination on the basis of gender in today's time".