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Angad Bedi first look of 'The Zoya Factor' Image Credit: IANS

The first look of actor Angad Bedi’s “gregarious and magnetic character” Robin from ‘The Zoya Factor’ is out now. The actor says his character is very high on fashion.

The film is based on Anuja Chauhan’s novel by the same name.

Bedi plays a crucial part of the Indian cricket team in the film, which also stars Dulquer Salmaan and Sonam Kapoor.

“He is a gregarious and magnetic character. My character Robin has the bad boy charm. He is the superstar of the team. He is flamboyant and has the swagger about himself. He is scoring runs and winning matches, an alpha male to the tee. He is passionate and dedicated about his game. He is the lion. But he gets insecure and the consequences make him human and real,” said Bedi.

“The players look up to him. He has groomed people and everyone around wants to emulate him. His behaviour starts to change. Abhishek [director] has given a complex behaviour pattern to explore. Superstars have so much adulation and love which people get used to, living it up in fast lane. I love the graph of the character — glory, dejection, failure, success. He is very different from my personality and I understand the psyche of a sportsperson and all these emotions came alive to me while playing this character,” he added.

Talking about the look, Bedi shared: “The look is snazzy and it is a very cool look, it is a very today’s look which will relate to all the millennials. If you see sports people today like Ronaldo, Virat or for that matter let me go back a bit to Kevin Pietersen.

“It is a tattooed look, it’s a crisp hair cut, it’s got tall hair, it has got an earring. He is very high on fashion. He wears very expensive fashionable clothes, he likes flashy cars because he is so popular. He is the cynosure of all eyes, the women love him, the children love him, the elderly people love him. He has a fan following, he makes no bones about being the superstar of the team.”