Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui Image Credit: Insta/ nawazuddin._siddiqui

After Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ex-wife Aaliya Siddiqui’s alleged that she was not allowed to enter his house with their children, the actor’s team has issued a statement.

Earlier, Aaliya had shared a video from outside actor’s bungalow, standing on the road with her two children, daughter Shora and son Yani.

Now, an official statement issued by Nawazuddin’s team, which clarifies that the property is not in his name, so he has no right to ask anyone to leave the house.

The statement reads: “Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ex-wife Aaliya Siddiqui has said that she was not allowed to enter the house but the truth is Nawazuddin has already named the property on his Ammi, Mehrunisa Siddiqui, so Nawaz is devoid of any decision-making power on anyone’s entrance in the property. The caretaker of Mehrunisa Siddiqui states that only her grandchildren are allowed in the property and no one else as the property belongs to her now.”

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The statement also denied Aaliya’s claim that she has no place to stay and said that the actor already has bought a lavish flat for her.

“Other than this, in a recent viral video in which Aaliya was seen claiming that she does not have any other place to stay or go is technically wrong. To clarify the fact, Nawaz has already bought a lavish flat for Aaliya in Mumbai in 2016 which she has given for rent at her own will. Also, as we clearly see in this video it is visible that no one is removed from the property as claimed by Aaliya and it is also very evident that the kids were never stopped from entering the property,” the statement further read.

Nawazuddin and Aaliya married in 2009 and later, Aaliya sent a divorce notice to Nawazuddin in 2021 and recently she charged him with the alleged rape.

She has made allegations against him on different grounds and said that she is left with very little money and now the actor is using his ‘power’ to seek custody of their children although he never took care of them.

In one of her posts, she also claimed that Nawazuddin and her mother-in-law kept her deprived of basic necessities and even food.