Neel Shukla with the falcon Image Credit:

A new sculpture has been unveiled at the Dubai Digital Park that pays tribute to the UAE’s rich heritage with falconry.

Located at the newly opened Radisson Red Hotel, the Neel Shukla design has been ushered in to strengthen ties with the local art scene in the UAE.

The design elements in the hotel have incorporated with the aid of locals artists to capture the theme of the local history and culture while recognising the UAE’s modern art, music and fashion scenes.

Shukla, who was raised in Dubai by Indian parents has strong ties to UAE Heritage. His father, photographer Ramesh Shukla, arrived in the country over 50 years ago and has spent his life capturing the leaders of the UAE, including the iconic ‘Spirit of the Union’ photograph.


“We wanted to feature the falcon in a powerful way, yet making it unpredictable. The headphones resting on the falcon’s neck signify the falcon’s connection to the new generation and follows the overall design direction of the hotel. It has been a long journey to not only design this piece but ensure its safe installation and I’m very proud and excited to finally see it land,” said Neel Shukla in a statement.

The falcon, which is 2.5 meters long and 2.2 meters high is made of marine grade stainless steel. The completion of the project took nearly 18 months. As the sculpture does not yet have an official title, the hotel brand is shouting out to the local community to help give their falcon a name. Take a selfie in front of the falcon and tag the hotel with your suggestions