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Love art, design and photography? Here's our pick of five art accounts, on Instagram, you need to follow this week!

1. @dinasaadi

If you want a pop of colour on your Instagram, this instagrammer's account is a must-follow. Dina Saadi is an artist and muralist based in Dubai.

Born in Russia, and raised in Syria to graduate with a BA in fine arts, she uses art to speak her mind. According to her website, she has participated in a number of street art festivals, and has traveled continents and painted on some of the walls in the Middle East, Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa. And her mission in life, among others, is to "use the street as a canvas", and "transform public spaces into galleries". 

2. @tasneemalsultan

Want to see shots of life around the Middle East? Tasneem Alsultan is a Saudi-American photojournalist, artist and speaker who is particularly known for her work on gender and social issues in Saudi Arabia and the region. She covers stories primarily for The New York Times, and National Geographic.

3. @maisoonalsaleh

From painting under water, to a mural on Dubai's '2nd of December' Street, Emirati artist Maisoon Al Saleh has many feathers in her cap. She calls herself a "multidisciplinary artist", and her Instagram account features artwork done on various mediums. Many of these are inspired by life she observes around her.

4. @nic.alonzo

Want to see daily life on UAE streets captured in photographs? Nic Alonzo, a Filipino expat, loves to showcase his street photography from around the UAE on his Instagram accounts. He has an account (@bnwpad) dedicated just to black and white photographs .

5. @nectar_designs

This instagrammer's art is more free flowing. Nevine Meguid an alcohol ink artist based in Dubai, who is originally from Egypt, but grew up in Sydney, Australia. She is self taught but many of her artworks finding homes around the world. Alcohol inks are fast-drying, highly-pigmented, are transparent and extremely vibrant. Meguid often shares tips on how to use these dye-based inks. Here's one of her recent pieces, named Al Amal (Arabic for Hope).