Ramez Movie Star, Ahlam Simsim, Suits Arabia and Keid El Hareem
Ramez Movie Star, Ahlam Simsim, Suits Arabia and Keid El Hareem Image Credit: Supplied

Ahlan Simsim

The award-winning children’s show from the creators of Iftah Ya Simsim and Sesame Street shows around the world, will premiere a new season and introduce new character, Ameera, in time for Ramadan. A witty, inquisitive 8-year-old girl with a passion for science and basketball, Ameera uses her bright purple wheelchair or forearm crutches to get around due to a spinal cord injury. Ameera makes her timely debut in season 5 of Ahlan Simsim, which will focus on the social-emotional skills of kindness towards oneself and others and premieres across the Middle East and North Africa on the first day of Ramadan, the month of kindness.

Ahlan Simim -2-1648725278494
Ahlan Simsim Image Credit: Supplied

Ameera will join beloved Ahlan Simsim friends like Basma, Jad and Ma’zooza as well as familiar favourites like Elmo, Gargur (Grover), and Kaki (Cookie Monster), as they navigate setbacks and learn about mutual respect and kindness through play. Along the way, the Ahlan Simsim Muppets will help young viewers grow more confident and resilient in the face of life’s ups and downs. Starting the first day of Ramadan, Season 5 of Ahlan Simsim will air daily on MBC3 from Sunday to Thursday at 2.30pm UAE time. Ahlan Simsim episodes will also be available on a variety of regional and national TV stations, including Rotana Kids and Sat 7, Roya TV and Jordan TV in Jordan, Nour Sat in Lebanon, Al Sumaria and UTV in Iraq.

Maktoob Alaya

Maktoob Alaya
Maktoob Alaya Image Credit: Supplied

Akram Hosny stars in this Egyptian comedy about a young man whose life is transformed when an old sage rubs his arm with magic power that reveals the day’s events before they even occur. Using his newfound power to his advantage, the young man starts to enjoy life until one day, the prophecy foresees his impending death. Ayten Amer and Amro Abd El Galeel also star. On Zee Alwan.

Maa’ Waqf Al Tanfeez

Maa Waqf El Tanfeez
Maa Waqf El Tanfeez Image Credit: Supplied

This Syrian social drama follows the residents of Haret Al-Attarin who have returned home years after they were forced to flee due to the war. The story addresses the lives of several individuals from different social classes and how they attempt to pick up the pieces of their past. The characters face disappointments and challenges on every level, crushed by successive conflicts that bring various moral and psychological hurdles. Abbas Al Nouri, Sulaf Fawakherji and Ghassan Massoud star. On Zee Alwan.


Thil Image Credit: Supplied

Abdel Mounaem Amayri, Jamal Sulaiman and Yousef Al Khal star in this pan-Arab drama that delves into the lives of people who work in the shadows but are capable of controlling all our moves. The darkness of the shadow often reflects black hearts and souls. That describes Mr. Jalal perfectly, an attractive 40-year-old lawyer who defends the law, but does not uphold justice. On Zee Alwan.

Malaf Serri

Malaf Serri
Malaf Serri Image Credit: Supplied

Set in 2013, the series highlights the issue of money laundering and illegal trade in Egypt during the era before the revolution in June 30 and how one of Egypt’s honourable judges dedicated his life to exposing this network and bringing criminals to justice. Hani Salama, Aysha Bin Ahmed and Sawsan Bader star in this romantic-action drama. On Zee Alwan.

Rag’een Ya Hawa

Ragean Ya Hawa
Ragean Ya Hawa Image Credit: Supplied

Baligh Abu El-Hana returns to Egypt with huge debts from losses his business incurred in Europe. This forces him to restore his right to inheritance from the heirs of his deceased brothers but the estranged family will not hear of it. Even as Baligh attempts to reunite his family, his old love story with Farida awakens even as he enters a new emotional experience with Maggie, a doctor of psychiatry and neurology. Khaled Al Nabawi, Nour and Hana Sheeha star in this Egyptian drama. On Zee Alwan.

Kaid Al Harim

Keid El Hareem
Keid El Hareem Image Credit: Supplied

Actress Rogina plays a single mother who is approached by two suitors after turning 40. She chooses one of them but then he dies one day after wedding, and she ends up inheriting his estate and becoming a stepmother for children who keep setting up mischievous pranks for her. The series is written by Fahad Al Baloushi and directed by Mustafa Fikri, starring Jassem Al Nabhan, Abdulimam Abdulla, Hanadi Al Kendari, Mohammad Al Haddad and more. On Zee Alwan and Abu Dhabi TV and its ADTV app.

Sa’ee Al Bareed

Saee Al Bareed
Saee Al Bareed Image Credit: Supplied

Comedy fans will be able to see the Emirati comedian Jaber Naghmoush in the Khaleeji social comedy, produced by Abu Dhabi Media. Newton is a neighbourhood postman who has dedicated his entire life to delivering mail and forms emotional bonds with the people he delivers letters to and tries to help them despite not knowing them. This also gets him into trouble on occasion. The series stars Jumaa Ali, Mays Kamar, and Khalil Al Rumaithi, and is directed by Mohammed Al Gaffas. Catch it on Al Emarat TV.

Haya Al Rouh

The social drama tells the story of an orphan girl with a disability who becomes an archery champion through sheer will and determination to overcome challenges and difficulties with the help of her brother. The series is directed by Hamad Al Badri and written by Maryam Al Sabah. It stars Ibrahim Al Harbi, Layla Abdulla, Abdulla Al Turkmani, among others. On Al Emarat TV.

Ain Al Deeb

Ain Al Deeb
Ain Al Deeb Image Credit: Supplied

The series stars Dawood Hussein as a wolf-man who is fighting the proverbial battle between good and evil caused by a dispute between Dabea bin Diab and Saqr bin Dawi over a water well. The series is written by Jmal Saqr, directed by Mohammad Al Gaffas, and stars Ibrahim Al Zadjali, Rim Arhama, and Amal Mohammad. See it on Al Emarat TV.

Al Shara

Al Shara
Al Shara Image Credit: Supplied

The popular heritage game show returns for Ramadan, presented by Hasa Al Falasi, who takes the viewers on a journey into the history of the UAE. Viewers will learn about the UAE’s cultural identity, customs, and cultural treasures through exciting quizzes about the Emirati dialect, Nabati poetry, idioms, riddles, tales, professions and handicrafts, and everything related to cultural heritage. Not to be missed, on Al Emarat TV.

Al Mugharred

Al Mugharid
Al Mugharid Image Credit: Supplied

Amer Jassas will host political, social, and cultural figures who are influencers on Twitter in the second season of his programme. He will discuss topics and ideas they post online in a talk show that emphasises the importance of accepting others, assuming responsibility, contributing to development, while raising awareness about the impact of social media. On Al Emarat TV.

Alo Ramadan

Alo Ramadan
Alo Ramadan Image Credit: Supplied

The new Ramadan game show, presented by Maryam Mubarak, will entertain viewers and give them a chance to win valuable prizes. The concept of the show centers on two people competing for the prize over a call. The one who gets the right answer has the advantage of suspending the other contestant’s call to gain more time, and possibly end the call if they can beat their opponent again. On Al Emarat TV.

Matbakh Al Dar

This cooking show focuses on traditional and contemporary dishes and how to prepare them in both classic and modern ways, bridging the gap between the older and younger generations. The show highlights several areas across the UAE to showcase signature traditional dishes. Om Salem and Chef Mona Al Mansoori serve as presenters. Watch it on Al Emarat TV.

Quran Mubin

Al Emarat TV will showcase the religious programme, which provides the interpretation and meanings of the Holy Quran in a simplified manner that encourages viewers to contemplate it and follow its lessons. The programme is presented by Muhammad Al-Azizi and Saeed Al-Ketbi.

Mohammad Ali Road 2

Mohammad Ali Road
Mohammad Ali Road Image Credit: Supplied

A second season of the popular Gulf drama series returns for Ramadan. It begins with Yassin, the assistant of Captain Shihab, reaching the coast of Kuwait on an abandoned ship, causing shock among locals who thought he was dead after having disappeared for so long. Yassin has returned with knowledge of supernatural powers and can speak the language of Jinn after his immigration to Zanzibar. The series, directed by Jassem Al Muhanna, stars Khaled Amin, Saad Faraj, Bouthaina Al Raisi, and Faysal Al Omairi. Catch in on Abu Dhabi TV.

Abdulhamid Hafez Family

Aailat ABDELHAMEED HAFEZ-1648725275861

Directed by Haya Abdulsalam and Saud Bou Obaid, the series tells the story of Abdulhamid Al Sarhan, a man obsessed with the voice of the late singer Abdulhalim Hafez, who decides in his sixties to realise his dreams of becoming a singer, but has to deal with the opposition of people around him, particularly his wife and children. The series is produced by Abu Dhabi Media and will premiere exclusively on Abu Dhabi TV and the ADTV app, starring Ahmad Al Jesmi, Haya Abdulsalam, Asmahan Tawfik, and other stars.

Al Zaqoum

The Gulf series stars Saad Al Faraj, Qahtan Al Qahtani and Haifa Husain and is directed by Ahmad Al Muqla, tellings the story of a crime committed by two friends 75 years ago to seize a rich man’s inheritance, exploiting the spread of smallpox at the time, with events unfolding to reveal their opulent life and the business empire they built together using the stolen money. But the threads of the crime begin to unravel after seven decades, uncovering all the guilty people who were involved. On Abu Dhabi TV and the ADTV app.


Pablo Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi TV will feature the exclusive premiere of this Egyptian drama series starring Hasan Al Raddad who portrays Sayyed Hasan, a gallant young man who has a strong and plucky character that helped him survive the difficult life he endured as an orphan. As he champions right and helps those in need, he ends up confronting a dangerous gang that deals in human trafficking. The series features top stars like Ahmad Zaher, Nabil Al Hilfawi, Sawsan Badr, Najlaa Badr, and Ahmad Fouad Salim, and is written by Hasan Dahshan and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.

Shughl Aali

Another Egyptian drama series which brings together a group of popular actors like Fifi Abdo, Shireen Ridha, Ahmad Bedair, Houriyah Farghali, and Bayoumi Fouad. The series tells a comedic story about two women of vastly different cultural backgrounds who are brought together by chance after being swindled and emotionally manipulated, prompting them to seek revenge and setting up a company for dealing with deceitful men. The series is directed by Marcus Adel and written by Husain Muharram. Catch it on Abu Dhabi TV.


Wujoh Image Credit: Supplied

The Egyptian drama series tells stories about women who go through a variety of exciting events with the first story being titled ‘Third Face’ and the second ‘Broken Mirror’. The series stars Hanan Mutawih, Mahmoud Abdulmoghni and is directed by Mutaz Hussam and written by Mohammad Ali Ibrahim. Catch it on Abu Dhabi TV.

Kasr Adem

Kaser Adem
Kaser Adem Image Credit: Supplied

The Syrian series tackles the issue of deep-rooted social corruption in all its forms, including blackmail, bribes, embezzlement, and exploiting youths’ hopes and pushing them to use narcotics and sell their organs in the absence of legal and moral deterrents. Director Rasha Sherbaji masterfully depicts this injustice prevailing across all segments of society including figures of authority, businessmen, and individuals who engage in immoral behaviour that damage the social fabric. The series stars Rashid Assaf, Caress Bashar, Khaled Al Qish, Mohammad Hadaqi, and Nadine Tahsin Bek. On Abu Dhabi TV.

Hadith Al Imam Al Tayyeb

Dr. Ahmad Al Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, will be sharing his religious knowledge via this programme throughout the days of the fasting month. He will be providing detailed explanations to viewers on helping Muslims in their worship to overcoming adversity, in addition to giving them faith, inner peace, and tranquility. On Abu Dhabi TV and its app.

Al Dunya B’Khair – Awnak

Presented by Ahmad Al Yammahi, the reality show sheds light on the efforts by the UAE Red Crescent to help people around the world. It shows a mediator disguising themselves as a needy person, walking around the streets of an Arab country in search of another needy person whom he asks for help such as some food or money or shelter, with profound human exchanges between the disguised actor and the actual needy person as the production team is hiding and observing in a special bus, only for the actor to reveal his identity and providing a gift to the needy person from the UAE Red Crescent. On Abu Dhabi TV.

Tabkhetna Ghair

Tabkhitna Ghair-1648725226525

Chef Naseem Rasrummani and Chef Abdulaziz Al Humaidan will take viewers on a culinary journey in this fast-paced, comedic cooking show where each episode shows ways to make Arab cuisine, with the two celebrity chefs adding their signature touches to each dish and creating exceptional recipes. Some episodes will also feature guest Michelin Star chefs to taste the dishes. The show will be broadcast throughout Ramadan on Abu Dhabi TV and ADTV app.

Lahme w Bas

Chef Orfali - Lahme w Bas-1648725268391

The much-awaited return of hit series with a brand new name ‘Lahme w Bas’ starring resident Chef Mohammed Orfali, is all set to premiere at the beginning of Ramadan. Known for his creative take on culinary experiences, Chef Orfali is back to take viewers on a gastronomic journey, fusing traditional and international cuisines with red meat at the heart of its ingredients. Each episode will feature a unique selection of starters, sides, and main course perfect for both Iftar and Suhoor. Premiering April 4 on beIN channel 251 and Jawwy channel 54. The show will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm UAE time. The show will also be available for streaming on discovery+ via Starzplay and Jawwy TV this April.

Ajeen w T’heen

Chef Chahrazad - Ajeen w T'heen-1648725273633

A new series in which Fatafeat is set to introduce the internet sensation Chef Chahrazad as part of its iconic lineup of chefs. Popular for her quick and easy recipes, Chef Chahrazad will take on the Fatafeat kitchen to share her baked specialties with viewers, including a wide range of sweet and savory creations. Each episode will consist of four segments featuring an appetizer, a side, main course, and dessert. Premiering April 3 on beIN channel 251 and Jawwy channel 54, the show will air every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 1pm UAE time. The show will also be available for streaming on discovery+ via Starzplay and Jawwy TV this April.

Studio 22

MBC GROUP- RAMADAN 2022- studio 22-1648725252133

Following on from last year’s ‘Studio 21’, ‘Studio 22’ continues with its hilarious mishaps, this time with a brand-new TV station manager (played by Habib Al-Habib). In the first season, the series focused on the nearly bankrupt satellite TV channel, with its owner determined to continue running the business despite devastating losses. The continuation brings more to the story, with funny situations, jealousy and competitiveness amongst staff, friendship and love, exploitation, and disappointments, and much more. Starring Habib Al-Habib, Maged Moutreb, Khaled Al-Mudhaffar and more. On MBC1.

Minho Waladna?

This dark comedy can be compared to the world renowned ‘The Prince and the Pauper’. Here, two women – one rich and one poor – arrive at a hospital to give birth at the same time. Only the nurse confuses the newborns, and each son goes their own way with the wrong mother. One grows up to become a successful CEO, while the other remains unemployed and living a very modest life. As the great secret is revealed 30 years later, will they work together to resolve this tragedy, or is it simply too late? Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj, Fayez bin Jurays star. Catch it on MBC 1.

Ramez Movie Star


What is Ramadan TV even without Ramez Galal? The Arab world’s biggest prankster is back for his annual hit show where he goes undercover to fool a whole host of unsuspecting stars from the world of entertainment, sport, and media. Some of his “victims” so far in previous editions have included Shah Rukh Khan, Antonio Banderas, Paris Hilton and Steven Segal. Just who is he going to “get” this year? On MBC 1 and MBC Iraq and online on Shahid VIP.

Al-Asouf 3

The hugely popular series, starring Saudi superstar Nasser Al-Qasabi and produced by MBC Studios, returns with a third season. ‘Al-Asouf’ revolves around the changes that have occurred in the city of Riyadh over five decades, as it monitors what is known as the intellectual boom and transformations that affected members of society. This season will mainly focus on the series of events that occurred from 1987 to 1992. Starring Nasser Al-Qasabi, Abdullah Al-Sinani, Habib Al-Habib, among others. On MBC 1 and Shahid VIP.

Min Share’ Al Haram Ela…

Abla is a mother celebrating her son’s wedding when things take a turn and the belly dancer hired to perform at the nuptials is unable to return to her home country, resulting in her having to stay with her host until her travel issues are sorted. But all is not what it seems. Huda Hussein, Khaled Al-Buraiki, Nour Al Ghandour star in this MBC 1 show.


Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan plays the lead character in this drama, in which he works for a marine navigation company in Alexandria and faces plenty of major challenges in his daily routine. His aim is to leave all of this behind, only to learn there are plenty of obstacles, including black market trading, dangerous gangs, love triangles, and more. Dina Elsherbiny, Bayoumi Fouad also star in this MBC 1 drama and MBC Iraq.


Amr Saad plays the lead in this drama, who leaves his past – with all his sins and crimes – behind and flees to another land in search of new fortune. However, the past soon creeps back to haunt him. When he realises what he is facing, he must choose between fighting or dying. Saba Mubarak, Maged El Masry and Asma Abulyazeid, Diab star in this MBC 1 and MBC Iraq show.

Iftarna Gheir

In this latest season, Chef Hala Ayyash is joined by some of the Arab world’s best-known cooks and foodies, each coming up with their own special dish, offering viewers full information on how to prepare it. Get ready to take a fantastic culinary tour across Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region. On MBC 1.

Al Ruwaad with Ahmad Al Shugairi

This year, Saudi media personality and bestselling author, Ahmad Al Shugairi returns with ‘Al Ruwaad’ or ‘Pioneers’ in which he explores and profiles pioneering solutions and personalities – including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Germany, the US, Egypt, Jordan, and Bahrain – that have greatly contributed to the world. On MBC 1.

Al Sadma – Season 4

Presented by a group of hosts from around the region – Karim Kojak (Egypt), Faisal Al-Zahrani (KSA), Raed Abu Fityan (Iraq) – ‘Al Sadma’ is a hidden camera show that places members of the community in tricky situations to see how they would react. Each episode offers insight into human psychology, as well as the role of society in helping and protecting the community. On MBC 1.

Waad with Omar Al-Juraysy

Host Omar Al-Juraysy takes a deep dive into Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the envisaged results of development and modernisation of the nation, including in sectors such as renewable energy, industrial investment, marine tourism, waste management, recycling, water desalination, and more. On MBC 1.

Amina Haf 2

MBC GROUP- RAMADAN 2022- Amina Haf 2-1648725247741

Back for a second season, Amina has now seemingly woken up only to find that what she was dreaming has turned into a reality. In this continuation, the character tries to get to grips with the situation to understand just what has happened, along with discovering facts, surprises, and secrets. Elham Al-Fadala, Shehab Gohar, Taif, Fahad Basem star. On MBC Drama and Shahid VIP.


In a popular residential area lives a group of families who share love, respect, funny and sad moments together. Amongst them is a sweet-natured girl who has a developmental disorder. Whilst all the community loves her, it seems that her condition is due to a dark past secret that threatens to be uncovered. Will she finally get the justice she deserves? Shejoun, Bashar Al-Shatti star in the MBC Drama and Shahid VIP.

Hadarat Al Mawkif

This drama revolves around the lives of a group of women with very different personalities – from the vain, to the very wise – with events moving between the past and the present to unveil unresolved secrets and memories that cannot be erased. But they have more in common than they all think. Haifaa Adel, Layali Dehrab star. On MBC Drama and Shahid VIP.

Rania w Sakina

Directed by Sherine Adel, Rania is an aristocratic girl who is accused by her family of having a mental disorder due to her way of living. She meets Sakina, a hard-on-her-luck fugitive. The duo team up to prove their innocence amid a series of high-speed chases and adventures. Ruby, Mai Omar star. Screening on MBC Drama.

Maa Waqf Altanfidh

This contemporary Syrian drama takes place in the neighbourhood of suburbs that have been devastated by the conflict, where its people decide to return to rebuild. Only issues of the past threaten to return – such as the endless battle between social classes, rich and poor, and some very complex personalities. Solaf Fawakherji, Abbas Al Nouri, Nadine Khoury star. On MBC Drama.

Hamed Helo – Season 3

This Iraqi social comedy focuses on all aspects of Iraqi life, with laughs in store for the whole family. Starring Alaa Al-Hussein, Ihsan Daadoush, Ali Jaber, it streams on MBC Iraq.

Banat Saleh

A poor father, who works in a restaurant while also taking care of his four daughters, is accused of a murder he did not commit and is sentenced to life imprisonment. His wife remarries a well-off man, making her daughters believe that this stepfather is their real father. But what happens when the real father is released and goes out and starts looking for his family? The MBC Iraq drama features Mohammed Hashim, Zohoor Alaa, Baraa Al Zubaidi among others.

Almaz Maksour

A beautiful young woman suffers trauma through many family-related situations, including losing her mother and having to care for her disabled father and two younger brothers. Amidst poverty, hunger and lost hope, she meets a mysterious man who promises to turn her life for the better. Hind Nizar, Alexandre Aloum star in this drama on MBC Iraq.

Bein Ahlena

Iraqi presenters Haider Abd Thamer, Haider Abu Al Abbas, and Tariq Zaid take viewers on a journey through the many cities and villages of the country, shedding light on the monuments, ancient houses, history, and more. And there’s plenty of prizes in store for those who enter the show’s quizzes and competitions. On MBC Iraq.

Al-Maddah – Usturat Alwadi

A continuation of the first part of the series, ‘Al-Maddah’ tells the story of Saber, who is obsessed with a certain member of the opposite sex. He wants to win her over, but chooses wrong ways in which to do so. Hamada Helal, Heba Magdy star in this series on MBC Masr.

B Tlou’ Al Rouh

MBC GROUP- RAMADAN 2022-Soul rising-1648725258654

Managing to make her way to Raqqa – the centre of Daesh operations in Syria – Rouh lives in a camp that includes female escapees from the organisation in northern Syria. The Pan-Arab series follows her journey, which includes situations back home along with a love story. Menna Shalaby, Elham Shaheen, Hala Sedki and Bushra feature in this MBC Masr series.

Salamat Abou Al-Banat

Another season of the popular series that tackles controversial issues in Maghreb society is back, with the fourth installment focusing on the transformations and changes that occurred amongst the drama’s lead family. Will Mokhtar Salamat – the head of the family – be able to reunite individuals and overcome a certain crisis? On MBC5.

Welad Al Darb

A group of young people, who have great skills in the world of piracy, succeed in stealing very important information from prominent figures in the community. They use this to blackmail the figures for large sums of money… only there’s no doubt this will all backfire. Amine Ennaji, Houda Majd, Mahdi Folan star in this MBC5 sries.

Sanawat Al-Jarish

MBC GROUP- RAMADAN 2022- سنوات الجريش-1648725256749

Based on a true story, Hayat Al-Fahad stars in this drama that is set around the Second World War, specifically year 1940, where events led to devastating damage across the Arab Gulf states. That time period is commonly referred to in Arabic as “Sanawat Al-Jarish”. Hayat Al-Fahad, Aly Al Sabaa start in this drama on Shahid VIP.

Natihat Sahab

Centred on the story of Amira, an ambitious woman who is proof of the saying: “It’s never too late to achieve your goals.” This drama documents a journey of rising to the top, along with the difficulties, hardships, challenges, and inspiration that comes with it. On Shahid VIP.

Lel Mawt – Season 2

New characters join this second season as ‘Lel Mawt’ touches on the current economic conditions in Lebanon and its effects on society. Daniella Rahme, Maguy Bou Ghosn star. On Shahid VIP.

Meen Aal?

Jamal Suliman plays a businessman and owner of various investment companies, who finds himself trying to help a group of young people and their many problems. Starring: Jamal Suliman, Ahmed Dash, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Diana Hesham. On Shahid VIP.

Ahlam Saeeda

Farida, Sherine and Layla are three middle-aged women who suffer from insomnia. Fate brings them together to experience inspiring life experiences that help them overcome their problems and move on to a better life. Starring: Yousra, Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab. On Shahid VIP.

Faten Amal Harbi

Following her divorce, Faten believes that her life will now turn for the better. However, as she considers remarrying, she finds herself embroiled in a legal matter that could deprive her of her rights and her children. Starring: Nelly Karim, Wafaa Amer. On Shahid VIP.

Al Ikhtiyar 3 – Al Karar

Delving into the stories of the Egyptian security forces and their missions to thwart attacks that threaten the security of the country. Starring: Ahmed El-Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, Khaled ElSawy. On Shahid VIP.

Malaf Serry

The story revolves around the spread of theft and corruption by some businessmen in Egypt, including a large family that makes huge economic transactions within the country through its companies, factories, and other financial activities. The emergence of a top-secret file places one of the nation’s best-known judges, Yehia Ezz El-Din, on the case. However, torn between threats, extortion, bribery, and murder, will the counsellor be able to maintain his integrity? Or will he submit to pressure? On Shahid VIP.


Yara Al-Kurdi is a naval officer who sacrifices her job and career for the sake of her lover, Youssef. But things take a turn for the worse when Youssef’s jealousy begins to control their lives and leads to him demanding that Yara sever ties with family members. On Shahid VIP.

Gezirat Ghamam

Set in 1920s Upper Egypt, this drama centres on a family murder, where the eldest son kills the younger one – at the instigation of the middle son – before escaping from the area. But does the son really die, or did he fake his death and reappear later on? On Shahid VIP.

Toota Toota – A Shahid Original

Who better than Dania El Shafei to take on the task of telling a nightly bedtime story? In this 30-episode series, Dania chooses the best children’s stories from the Arab world that promise a good night’s sleep. On Shahid VIP.

Suits Arabia

SUITS ARABIA_GROUP IMAGE edit-1643627455426

The highly anticipated adaptation is based on the series created and written by Aaron Korsh. Suits aired on the USA Network for nine seasons from 2011 to 2019 and was produced by UCP, which is part of Universal Studio Group, for USA Network. The Arabic rendition is written by Mohamed Hefzy and Yasser Abdel Mageed, directed by Myriam Ahmadi, and produced by Founder and CEO of TVision Media Productions, Tarek El Ganainy. Suits Arabia is produced by NBCUniversal Formats, a division of Universal Studio Group, in partnership with Cairo-based media production company TVision. Commissioned as an OSN+ Original, it will Air on OSN+ and OSN satellite channels during the month of Ramadan 2022, with one episode released each day.

Ramadan Talks Live on Facebook

Ramadan Talks 2.0 is a series of live content on Facebook and Instagram, this year, which will be hosted by top tiered creators who will be selected based on a cluster approach per talk. During Week 1 ‘Food as a universal language hosted by Chef Shaheen’ will focus on food content creation. Food as a universal language will see Chef Shaheen and his creator guests address how through food we can unite and bring the world together both physically and digitally. Content to be live on Facebook on Chef Shaheen’s FB page and Meta Arabia page on April 8.

Ramadan Talks Live on Facebook Week 2

The Reels Masters will be a special talk hosted by Maha Jaafar alongside the top Reels content creators, where they share all about their methods and tips around how to create a successful social media strategy around Reels. Content will go live on Maha Jaafar’s FB page and Meta Arabia on April 15.

Ramadan Talks Live on Facebook Week 3

Earth Day: Together for a better tomorrow will be hosted by Jack Harries, and will take place on April 22 during Earth Day. The talk is with top environmentalists and climate advocates. It’s all about encouraging the next generation to build a better tomorrow and future and sharing tips on how this can be done. Content to go live on Jack Harries FB Page and Meta Arabia on April 22.

Ramadan Talks Live on Facebook Week 4

Building a brand in the age of digital will come from creators and public figures to businessmen and women who are shaping the way business is done, building a brand in the age of digital is a way to tap into turning your name to a brand and selling products and services to your audience. Hosted by Jessica Kahawaty. Content to go live on Jessica Kahawaty’s FB page and Meta Arabia on April 29.

Finding Ola

Hend Sabry Finding Ola-1642932962630
100A1019.CR3 Image Credit: Sima Diab

With Netflix actively looking into producing high quality Arabic content for the platform, Finding Ola isanother winner on the cards for the streamer with Hend Sabry leading the charge in this heartwarming tale of taking chances. The trailer to Sabry’s series, which dropped earlier this year, sees the Cairo-based Tunisian film and TV star play Ola Abdel-Sabour, a middle-aged Arab woman who seems to have it all — the perfect husband, three children and a support system in her mother. But life serves her lemons when her husband Hisham (Hany Adel) blindsides her with a divorce. Left with no back-up plan, a career or any idea how to move forward, Ola embarks on a journey of self-discovery while dealing with the challenges of raising two children and making ends meet, while taking a chance on life again.