The young fan being whisked away from the crowd. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: An incident involving Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan and a fan has sparked controversy after a video surfaced showing a physical altercation between the two.

The confrontation that occurred on Monday in Marassi at 1pm was widely shared across social media platforms.

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The video captures a tense scene where Ramadan, surrounded by fans, clashed with a young man. After a verbal exchange, the actor told the fan to “take out the cell phone” before slapping him.

The fan retaliated with a slap back, escalating the situation.

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Witnesses said that the incident began in jest, with the young man jokingly insulting Ramadan, which the actor initially took lightly.

However, the situation quickly turned serious when the insults were repeated, leading to Ramadan slapping the fan.

The incident coincides with Ramadan’s ongoing work on a new film titled “Asad Al Osood,” directed by Mohamed Diab and featuring Khaled El Sawy.

The altercation has reignited discussions about celebrity interactions with fans, drawing comparisons to a similar past incident involving another Egyptian artist, Amr Diab.