French filmmaker Pierre Morel during premiere of Al Kameen
French filmmaker Pierre Morel during premiere of Al Kameen. Image Credit: Image Nation Abu Dhabi

New Emirati film ‘Al Kameen’, helmed by the director of hit Hollywood movie ‘Taken’, has released in UAE cinemas.

The film, produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and AGC International, tells the true story of the brave attempt to rescue a small group of Emirati soldiers trapped by rebel fighters in a mountainous valley.

‘Al Kameen’ was filmed entirely in the UAE and featured a cast and crew of more than 400 members; making it the largest Arabic-language feature film production in the GCC.

Al Kameen - Mansour Alfeeli-1637931567280
Actor Mansour Al Feeli in the movie. Image Credit: Image Nation Abu Dhabi

“Al Kameen tells the incredible story of a small group of soldiers demonstrating courage, heroism and brotherhood in unimaginable circumstances,” said French filmmaker Pierre Morel in a statement. “Working with a fantastic cast and crew in the stunning natural landscapes of the UAE, we have created a truly compelling story that is true, both visually and culturally, to its real-life inspiration.”

The film had its world premiere in Abu Dhabi on November 22 at VOX Cinemas Yas Mall, with a special screening in Dubai on November 23 at Reel Cinemas. The screenings were attended by Morel, producers Derek Dauchy, Jennifer Roth and the cast, alongside the real Emirati soldiers whose true story inspired the film.

Al Kameen - Pierre Morel-1637931564951
Director Pierre Morel on set. Image Credit: Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Hana Kazim, manager of local film and television at Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Al Kameen development executive, added: “Demonstrating the epic bravery of a group of Emirati soldiers, ‘Al Kameen’ is a truly unique production for the UAE. As the largest ever Arabic-language production in the GCC in terms of cast and crew numbers, we are incredibly proud of this inspirational film. It is a true testament to the talented crew in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates’ ability to draw in world-renowned industry names.”

‘Al Kameen’ is out now in UAE cinemas.