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Karim Kassem Image Credit: Instagram

Egyptian actor Karim Kassem has announced that he’s been hit with the coronavirus.

The 33-year-old said he contracted COVID-19, but denied rumours that the infection was related to the celebration ceremony for the Ramadan series ‘When We Were Young’, which took place in El Gouna.

Kassem revealed that he has been in self-isolation for a month and a half at home, according to reports.

His manager Marwa Al Sawy reiterated that the infection is not related at all to El Gouna activities and that the actor would be posting a video to social media to narrate his COVID-19 story.

Recently on Instagram, Kassem promoted his film ‘Sawah’ which arrived on Netflix in May.

Earlier, iconic Egyptian actress Ragaa Al Geddawy, 81, tested positive for the coronavirus and went into hospital for treatment.