When you think fashion, you probably think of eccentric catwalk shows, supermodels, and of course, fashion magazines.

For millions of fashion fanatics, American Vogue is probably one of the most important magazines that ever existed; some refer to it as a "Fashion Bible".

And Anna Wintour, Vogue's Editor-in-Chief? "She's the Pope," Grace Coddington, the magazine's Creative Director, said matter-of-factly when posed that question by one of The September Issue's filmmakers.

The documentary chronicles not only the behind the scenes pressure of working at one of the world's highest profile fashion magazine but also just how much effort goes into creating their annual September issue (which needs five months of preparation and planning prior to going to print).

The documentary also features Vogue's eccentric Editor at Large, Andre Leon Talley, whose appearances provided much needed humour in contrast to the mostly serious view of fashion presented throughout the documentary.

In one scene, he is shown lugging around a set of Louis Vuitton luggage for a tennis lesson. Watch The September Issue for the surreal journey through the looking glass that is the fashion world.