Abu Dhabi: Short film enthusiasts now have a platform all to themselves when Tropfest Arabia premieres in the capital in November.

Known as the world's largest short film festival, Tropfest was founded by the award winning actor and director John Polson, as a short film festival for friends and family at the Tropicana Cafe in Sydney, Australia almost 20 years ago.

"It is clear that over the last few years the short film industry has been growing throughout the Middle East. As this industry continues to develop so too does the need to provide budding film makers with a channel through which to showcase their creative talents. We hope that the introduction of Tropfest Arabia will do just this," Polson said.

Criteria for entering Tropfest Arabia are that the film must be made specifically for the festival, with the first public screening happening during the event. Each film must be no more than seven minutes long (including credits).


Further information on Tropfest Arabia including details on how to submit a film can be found at www.tropfestarabia.com.