Estelle Tahthia

In the bustling world of event management, where precision, creativity, and a keen eye for detail are paramount, Estelle Tahthia, a student at Curtin Dubai, has emerged as a shining example of entrepreneurship and innovation. Drawing upon her learnings from a Strategic Career Design unit at the university and navigating through COVID-era challenges, Estelle ventured into the world of business. She co-founded The Quintessential Events - an events management company that has quickly gained prominence with a staggering following of over twenty-three thousand on Instagram.

The second co-founder is none other than her brother, Bryce Kelsey, who is also a student at Curtin Dubai. Their journey as successful business owners is a testament to both their spirit and their ability to apply classroom learnings to real-world scenarios.

“My brother and I grew up in a household where every special occasion was celebrated. Ever since our childhood days, event décor already played a big role in our lives. Our mom would always ensure that our birthday parties were celebrated in style with beautiful décor. From the customized backdrops, down to the giveaways, we were exposed to the intricate details and exceptional personalization that made our birthdays worthwhile. These experiences have moulded and inspired us to start The Quintessential Events,” explains Estelle.

The onset of the Covid pandemic posed unprecedented challenges to the events industry, with gatherings and social events coming to a sudden halt. However, Estelle saw this as an opportunity to innovate and fill a void in the market. "With safety precautions in place, we saw a demand for intimate, carefully curated events. We wanted to create memorable experiences that adhered to safety protocols while still capturing the essence of celebration."

Notably, the duo has orchestrated an event for Safa Siddiqi from Dubai Bling — a testament to the company's growing reputation in an industry that is hard to penetrate.

"In the world of events, perception is key," Estelle emphasises. "Clients want to feel assured that they're working with professionals who can deliver a flawless experience. It's not just about planning an event; it's about creating an image that instils confidence in clients that they've entrusted their special moments to experts."

With Quintessential Events' growing popularity on social media, the siblings have been able to showcase their expertise in creating visually stunning and meticulous events.

Looking ahead, Estelle remains dedicated to expanding The Quintessential Events, aiming to set new benchmarks in the industry. Her journey—from a university classroom to a thriving business owner—serves as an inspiration, highlighting the potential of combining education with entrepreneurial zeal. Estelle's success story embodies the spirit of innovation, determination, and adaptability—qualities that continue to propel her towards greater heights of success in the dynamic world of events management.

Estelle Tahthia's entrepreneurial journey isn't just about her accomplishments in the business world; it's also deeply rooted in her commitment to mentorship and giving back to her community. As a testament to her dedication to empowering others, Estelle actively participates in events like Women of Wisdom at Curtin Dubai. Speaking at such events, she emphasizes the significance of humility in one's journey to success.

"Staying humble is crucial," Estelle asserts.

"It's not just about personal achievements, but also about learning from others. I gain new insights and perspectives from my classmates every day. Their diversity of thought and experiences continually inspire me."

Moreover, Estelle has gone a step further by initiating internship programs within Quintessential Events, offering her classmates an opportunity to gain practical experience and insights from her entrepreneurial journey. Through these internships, she aims to share her experiences and knowledge, fostering an environment of learning and growth among her peers at Curtin Dubai.