Jasbir Bassi

What are the benefits that Carfare offers customers in the UAE, what is your USP as a car rental firm?

Carfare Rent-a-car is the rental arm of the group, which also comprises of a state-of-the-art workshop and a used-car division. Therefore, our USP as a car rental firm is that we offer customers comprehensive mobility solutions as rent service - buy/sell any brand of vehicles. We specialise in multi-brand options.

Carfare brings more than a quarter of century of experience in the car rental and leasing business in the UAE. How have you seen the car rentals market evolve in the country over these past 25 years or more?

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The Carfare Group completes 25 years of growth and success in the UAE this year. Starting with a mere five cars in its maiden branch, the company now boasts of a fleet size of 2,500 cars, with multiple locations all over the UAE. We have seen the car rental market evolve considerably over the years, with constant demand for retail and lease business. The trend has also shifted to online portals and car subscriptions to make the service more accessible to clients in this digital era.

What has the market response been to the introduction of electric cars to the Car Fare fleet? How do you see this electric car rental market growing in the UAE in the next few years?

Carfare has taken a giant step in its fleet enhancement with the introduction of electric vehicles. We have teamed up with The Leasing House of Tesla in the UAE, and have the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 rented out through our online partners. There is a huge demand for EVs and the response is immense. We see remarkable growth in the EV sector in the UAE, as the country ranked among the top 10 sustainable nations in the world.

The car rental industry in Dubai alone accounted for 23.7 per cent growth in new companies registering this year as per RTA figures. What are the future trends you foresee in this market over the next five years?

The future trends in the car rental market would be more towards electric and hybrid vehicles as countries commit themselves towards a green environment. Also, the rising costs of living would move consumers towards vehicles, which are economical and eco-friendly.

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In a nation that deals in superlatives, how big is the scope for luxury car rentals in the UAE? What options do Carfare provide in this space?

There is definitely a huge scope for luxury car rentals in the UAE as the nation believes and promotes a luxurious lifestyle. Carfare also provides its customers with a luxury segment with options like BMW, Audi and Mercedes models to choose from.

We also cater to any personal request as and when required of any brand or model. Carfare has plans to open a unique branch in DIFC Downtown to cater to its high-end clientele while promoting its luxury segment.

As the head of a leading corporate entity in the UAE how have you helped develop Carfare’s CSR outreach?

The Carfare Group has a defined policy that supports the UAE’s CSR initiatives. Our vision, mission and values highlight our commitment towards it. We are in the process of in fleeting various electric and hybrid models, which will reduce our carbon footprint. The Carfare Auto Workshop also recycles all its waste, be it used tyres, parts and scrap.

We are also associated with various charitable organisations as we give back to society. We extend our support to Dubai Cares, Rashid Center for the Determined, Emirates Association for the Visually Impaired and the United Nations Refugee Community.