The EV Lab wants to build up an electric car base in the UAE, by spreading the message of lower cost of ownership and the wider good that this will have. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Need an electric vehicle? Just sign up with the 'lab'. New concepts are starting to show up in the UAE's automotive retail sector, with the newly launched EV Lab dedicated exclusively to ease the switch from fuel to electric riding options.

The entity is aiming to partner with "key automotive players" to offer a selection of EV products, including motorcycles, skateboards, and scooters. Kevin Chalhoub, CEO, said in a statement: "There is an urgent need to move towards a fully electrified transportation system. With the second-highest ratio of public charging stations per EVs in the world, the UAE is a perfect place to own an electric car.

"The faster acceleration, the ease of charging, the extended range, the increased power, and the advanced technology are some of the reasons why EVs are the future of mobility.”

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Push for change

The UAE and individual emirates have set out ambitious targets on their public transport electrification plans, with Dubai mandating that 10 per cent of all vehicles should be green by 2030. 

“Many features are available on the website to educate our customers and accompany them in their EV journey," said Luca Rubino, Chief Marketing Officer at EV Lab. "We’ve integrated an EV Planner tool so that users can calculate the CO2 emission savings, acceleration, cost of ownership, round trips to work and find all available charging stations and charging times for a chosen car.

"You can also schedule a test drive and access a unique selection of EVs at your preferred location to experience all the benefits that an EV has to offer.”