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A recent consumer survey carried out by talabat has found that during 2020, burgers took the lead as the most ordered cuisine in UAE; the most expensive late night order was a mindblowing Dh21,000 and the UAE’s favourite pizza’s are certainly not italian themed!

The home-grown region leading food and grocery delivery app, talabat, has compiled a list of some of their UAE’s customer’s best, weirdest, and wonderful ordering habits of the year. Much as though 2020 has been a challenging year, there have been some interesting insights as well. 

During the great lockdown chicken-based meals reach highest number of orders: Looking at the top 20 most-ordered items during lockdown, 14 items were chicken-based! During quarantine, The Spicy McChicken reigned supreme in UAE with over 70,000 orders through talabat during that period. In fact, out of the top 20 items ordered during lockdown, 10 items were from McDonald’s - with the 5 items making the top of the list, including; The Spicy McChicken Medium Meal, 9 Pieces Chicken McNuggets, 4 Pieces Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, 6 Pieces Chicken McNuggets, McChicken Medium Meal.

The Oreo McFlurry -- This was the most loved dessert in the UAE, coming in at number 16 on the list.

Does the ‘Einstein’ milkshake make you smarter? We’ve got a lot of great milkshake shops in UAE, and most are on talabat. Voting with their wallets, customers stats show that Aseer Time’s, ‘Einstein’ comes out on top - with nearly 2x more orders than the second placed milkshake flavour! While milkshakes aren’t proven to make you smarter, it’s clearly good marketing. Aseer Time’s milkshakes had a virtual mortgage over the top milkshake flavours in UAE, taking out nine out of the top ten! Hardee’s ‘Hand Scooped Vanilla’ was the only milkshake that stood in the way of Aseer Time’s dominance!

Dh21,000: The UAE’s largest order through talabat! One lucky restaurant ended up with a late night bonus, a 21,723.38 AED order, which contained 634 items from nine different product ranges, with one simply one addition, a bottle of large mineral water.

Top pizza choices in Dubai - Pizzas are a much loved take-away food worldwide, and with different cultures, and tastes, many now do not truly represent the taste of Italy. This year, thankfully depending on if you like pineapple or not, we can confirm that hawaiian made it no where close to the top three pizza choices in the UAE. However, the top three pizza choices in the UAE definitely don’t make pretty reading for italian inspired pizza lovers, Creamy Ranch, Fiery Peri and Chipotle BBQ.

Sharing kindness following a few taps -- Food and groceries were not the only ways that UAE citizens and residents used talabat - they also used it to donate! With over Dh509,550 donated during COVID, UAE-based customers have really shown their kindness, especially during the Ramadan Heroes campaign, where a total of over 50,000 meals were donated! Customers also took part of donating to Beirut’s recovery in the #lunchforlebanon campaign. With over 115,000 orders placed during #lunchforlebanon, region-wide, talabat donated 100% off all profits as well as an extra 150,000 euros.